Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

"Stacey helped me purchase a condominium in Jamaica Plain this springtime. From the outset she was highly responsive to my evolving thoughts on what I wanted to purchase. First I thought a condo in one place, then another and then a multi-unit and so on. All along she helped me refine what I really wanted and came along on a bunch of tours in crummy weather and storms. When we found the one we eventually purchased, she seamlessly worked with the lender, the lawyers and the sellers to make the transaction smooth and relatively painless. Thanks Stacey for all you did and the whole RE/Max team as well."


"Stacey is outstanding! We were joined at the hip. She knows the market and prepares you for any potential circumstances so that you come out on top! She invests time and is patient and responsive throughout the process, catching all the details. Love her!!"


 "Stacey is the best real estate agent I have ever used. I have gone through many horrible agents, and if I could travel back into time and replace those agents with Stacey, I would without a second's thought. Stacey is extremely knowledgable, efficient, considerate, and fast! She sold my place in less than a week, and the entire process was very smooth because she took care of everything!"


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